Behavioral Health

Portrait of an older woman

1st Choice Healthcare  is committed to providing exceptional care for the mind, body and spirit.  Mid South Health Systems has partnered with 1st Choice Healthcare and is providing behavioral health and addiction services for individuals and their families in a caring, confidential manner with trained professionals.  We know that mental, emotional, and behavioral health contribute to physical health and well being so we integrate behavioral health serves into disease management, primary and preventative care.

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker is now available to provide you with an experienced and caring approach to counseling to help you find ways out of these problems.  The Licensed Clinical Social Worker collaborates with the Primary Care Providers to best meet the behavioral health needs of patients.

In a confidential and comfortable setting at 1st Choice Healthcare clinics you can receive help with stresses in your life through

  • Individual, couple or family counseling
  • Learning how to cope with chronic health problems
  • Finding ways to adjust to transitions of life such as marriage, divorce, aging or the loss of a loved one

If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Licensed Clinical Social Worker, please call the clinic of your choice.  Office hours are available at all 1st Choice Healthcare clinics.