Arkansas Breast Care Program

Arkansas Breast Care

1st Choice Healthcare serves as a provider for the Arkansas Breast Care Program, a free breast and cervical cancer screening program.  To qualify for a free breast and/or cervical cancer screening, women must meet be:

  • Age 40-64 years older
  • Are under 40 years old but have breast symptoms
  • Do not have health insurance (including Medicare or Medicaid)
  • Have a household income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level
  • Live in Arkansas

Regular screening for breast and cervical cancer is testing women for early signs even though they have no symptoms.  Regular screening can lead to early detection of breast and cervical cancer.  Accepted screening procedures for breast cancer are mammography and clinical breast exams.  Breast cancer found in its earliest stages can be much easier to cure.  In fact, if women practice early screening methods, about 1/3 of all breast cancer deaths could be prevented.    

  • Screening Services include clinical breast exam, Pap test and screening mammogram.
  • Diagnostic Services are performed for follow up on an abnormal mammogram, clinical breast exam or pap test results.

If you qualify for FREE Breast Care services, you will be enrolled and will receive your personal ID card along with complete information on the BreastCare Program.  Your BreastCare provider will make you an appointment for a clinical breast exam and Pap test if needed.  After this visit, an appointment will be made for you to get a FREE mammogram.